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Mrs.  Susanne Ahola
5th Grade - Room: 32

Mrs.  Susanne Ahola
5th Grade - Room: 32

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Fifth Grade Supplies - Thursday, July 17, 2014

 Welcome to Fifth Grade

As incoming fifth graders, we thought that providing you a list of supplies that would be needed for class would helpful in preparing you for a fabulous fifth grade year.

·         A 1 ½ binder with 9 dividers

·         4 pocket folders – red, blue, green, purple

·         A pencil case to be put in your desk

·         Ultra-thin black sharpies

·         Red ball point pens for correcting

·         4 One subject, wide ruled spiral notebooks –red, blue, green, purple

·         2 packs of #2 pencils

·         Erasers

·         6 inch scissors

·         1 pack of 12 colored pencils– sharpened

·         1 pack of 12 thin colored markers

·         Glue sticks

·         Highlighters – yellow, green, blue, pink

·         Black dry erase markers and an eraser

·         Covers for your textbooks – jumbo sized (textbooks can also be covered with heavy paper)

More importantly, the two most important things you must do to prepare for 5th grade are:

1.     Know your multiplication facts 1 – 12!!!!! These facts need to be memorized completely. We will be testing you during the first week of school. You have plenty of time to practice, so review them a little bit each day!

2.     Read!!!!!  Try to read 3 books this summer. We will be doing Accelerated Reader next year, and it would be great if you could start the year off by earning points right away from reading over the summer. You can visit RenPlace over the summer and see what books you have already read and use BookFinder and/or the Torrance library to find some new and interesting books to read. 

RenPlace Home Connect -

Torrance Library -

We are really looking forward to having a great year! Make sure you start off prepared!

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